Chocolate Is Better For Your Teeth Than Flouride! Myth Or Reality?

The truth isn’t so sweet! But there is some good science to this – one study presented to the American Dental Association found that theobromine, which is a chemical compound isolated from coco beans, actually repaired teeth and fought cavities better than fluoride found in toothpaste.

If that’s true then why don’t we just brush our teeth with chocolate you may ask?

Well there’s definitely sugar in chocolate bars, but the isolated raw cacao doesn’t have any sugar. The problem is that theobromine is only a small amount of compound found in the cocoa bean. So if you’re getting cocoa and making your own toothpaste at home you won’t exactly know if you’re getting the same benefits that toothpaste would give you.

Cocoa can be put into smoothies, it’s a great way to give it a nice taste without all the added sugar. It’s also good for our health and although it could be good for your teeth – don’t give up the toothpaste just yet!

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