Drinks That Can Stain Your Teeth

Who doesn’t love drinks? We all love drinking out but for sure, but we do not like it when it causes our teeth to look yellowish or stained. Our teeth are what people always see when we smile or speak, that is why we aim to maintain the pearly white smile that everyone loves. But do not worry, because here are the drinks to look out for that can ruin your perfect smile.

Why should you care about the beverages you drink?

Not all food and drinks can be best friends with your teeth—some can actually stain them, which may affect your teeth’s colour. This can affect one’s self-esteem as research shows that most people who have whiter teeth tend to be more sociable and confident, and have strong relationships with their friends and acquaintances.
This shows how many people treat their smile as a basis of confidence and a way to effectively communicate with others.

However, we may not be aware of the everyday favourite drinks we enjoy that can cause stains on our teeth.

To give you an idea, we compiled some of the common drinks that will affect your journey to a pearly white smile!

What drinks to watch out for

1. Coffee
We know many of you cannot function without coffee in the morning—but sadly it can dull your smile. It is because it contains an acidic flavour compound called tannins, which can lead to teeth discolouration and staining. Also, given that coffee is acidic, it ruins your mouth’s pH balance, weakening its defence against the negative effects of other acidic foods you might eat after drinking coffee. However, you can minimise the acidic effects of coffee in your mouth by drinking it in a to-go cup rather than with a straw.

2. Tea
Tea also contains tannins like coffee. But with tea, you have to watch out for particular kinds which can cause more discolouration to your teeth. Green tea can make your teeth look grey, while black tea can create yellowish stains. The trick is to choose high-quality teas and add a dash of milk to reduce the probability to stain your teeth.

3. Soda
Known to have sugar as its main ingredient, it can allow bacteria eating sugars to grow more as they feed on the Soda’s sugary substance left in your mouth. This can trigger a release of damaging acids, leading to teeth discolouration. Also, sodas being carbonated means they are acidic and can corrode your teeth.

4. Red wine
A common favourite drink to destress and socialise, red wine can also affect the smile you flash to your friends. The same acidic compound found in coffee, tannins, is also in red wine. The twist? Red wine can instead make your teeth look grey, which is harder to manage than yellowish stains.


Knowing what drinks can cause stains to your teeth can help you properly manage how to maintain your pearly whites. If you wish to try treatments that can ensure you whitened teeth with a professional, you can check our teeth whitening services at Dentaluxe. Contact us now or book an appointment to explore your options. You may also visit our blog for more tips and information on dental care and teeth whitening.



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