6 Foods That Are Turning Your Teeth Yellow

    6 Foods That Are Turning Your Teeth Yellow

    These are the foods turning your teeth yellow

    1. Acidic Foods

    Citrus fruits and tomatoes have a lot of acidity. This wears away at the enamel exposing the yellow-hued dentin.

    2. Coffee

    Coffee contains tennis that can cause stains over time. It also makes it easier for acidic foods to do more damage.

    3. Certain Berries

    The pigment that gives berries that deep hue is a major stainer. The biggest offenders? blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and pomegranates.

    4. Red Wine

    This may turn teeth shades of grey, which is often harder to whiten than yellow stains.

    5. White Wine

    A study suggests it makes other tooth stains darker. Wine creates grooves on the tooth surface, these grooves can let other teeth-training chemicals seep deeper.

    6. Anything with Food Dye

    Candy, popsicles, or sports drinks in bright colours. Food colouring can be aggressive to both enamel and exposed roots.

    So how can you fight these stubborn stains?

    Brush right after eating foods that are likely to stain.
    And see your dentist regularly.

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