About Dentaluxe Teeth Whitening

Happiness Lies, First of All, in Confidence.

Dentaluxe was made for the millennial super women wanting to have it all, created by uLab Professionals we wanted to achieve the goal of creating affordable glam, freedom of expression and a beautiful lifestyle.

uLab Professionals found a problem from people of all walks of life, from young working professionals, to mothers and fathers, to millennials in having to keep up with the daily pressures of life, yet finding time to keep their beauty regime on top. We know the importance of self love, upkeep and feeling good, especially for those striving to doing it all, and still look fabulous!

From there Dentaluxe was born from the wish of the founders, in providing a solution to solve the problem of men and women all over the world:

Time, money, and express beauty services.

Beauty services come to you. Saving time, money with our in home luxury treatment and services. No longer do clients have to go into a dentist or salon to achieve their pearly white smiles, when they can have this at an affordable price at the comfort of their own homes.

The foundation of which the founders have built Dentaluxe on, is the opportunity for people from all walks of life, to be able to have affordable beautiful teeth, anytime – anywhere.

Because a beautiful life starts with confidence, and a beautiful smile! x