Afterpay – NOW AVAILABLE

    Afterpay – NOW AVAILABLE

    Why shopping with Afterpay may be the smartest way to whiten your teeth.

    Teeth whitening products and treatments can sometimes cost up to hundreds to even thousands of dollars depending on the type procedure you choose. Whether it’s a professional treatment from a dentist or a in-home teeth whitening kit, these cost are sometimes an unwanted hit to your wallet and may cause financial stress to get those pearly white teeth you have always wanted. But don’t worry, there is another way. Online shopping is a great way to shop, cheaper deals, great return policies and more variety all at a click of a button. And now, Afterpay has become an option for those don’t want to front all the costs right away or even if you’re just sceptical about online shopping.

    What is Afterpay? Afterpay is a payment method that will divide your payment into four equal instalments due every fortnight, basically alleviating financial stress by spreading out your payments over two months. Using Afterpay may be the smartest way to whiten your teeth because now you have the option of spreading out your payments while getting the treatments you deserve. We at Dentaluxe have just added the option of Afterpay to our Australian based customers online shopping experience. This means that you can get whiter teeth now and pay in four easy instalments later. It’s that easy..



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