Foods That Help Whiten Your Teeth

    Foods That Help Whiten Your Teeth

    A bright smile starts with a healthy diet

    Whiten your teeth naturally by eating fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.

    Start with apple. Their crunchy texture works like a natural toothbrush to scrub your teeth plus apple contain magic acid. Which boosts saliva production helping to clean your teeth and remove stains.

    Or try strawberries these delicious berries not only contain the same magic acid as apples they also have the added bonus of antioxidants that protect your teeth from stains by fighting bacteria. They may even protect against oral cancer.

    Broccoli is another good choice. Eating this raw crunchy veggie can also help polish your teeth. It contains iron which forms a wall of protection for your teeth and helps prevent stains and cavities.

    Finally, cheese is full of calcium, phosphorus and protein. All of which help keep tooth enamel strong. The lactic acid in cheese also helps fight tooth decay.

    Eating healthy has a lot of benefits,  and it can really help put a brighter smile on that face of yours.



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