How to maintain a pearly white smile

How to Maintain Your Pearly White Smile

A great smile could bring any conversation to its good graces. It could also give you a younger aura, or give the impression that you are a well-kept person. Still, many people struggle to avoid their teeth from having stains or discolouration. Don’t worry because here are some tips for you to maintain your gorgeous white smile!

1. Lessen your wine or coffee intake

Wine, coffee, and also tea are known to stain your teeth with prolonged consumption. They may be your go-to drinks when you want to perk up for the day or relax, but they do no favours in terms of maintaining your teeth whitened. If you can’t help but sneak a cup or glass of these said beverages, you must remember to brush your teeth immediately after each intake.

2. Have a consistent oral hygiene routine

Consistency is key in maintaining things—and the same could be said in teeth whitening. While we can use various products to promote brightening in our dental care, we should also pay attention to how we take care of our oral hygiene at our home. For instance, we should at least brush our teeth within 12-hour intervals, so that equates to at least twice a day. Most people brush after they wake up, but it is also important to exercise brushing your teeth after a meal to remove food debris out of your mouth. You can also incorporate an occasional whitening toothpaste to your brushing routine to help you get faster teeth whitening results.

3. Cigarettes and Tobaccos should be out

Products that contain nicotine are known to cause damage in other parts of the body, especially to our lungs—but it can also severely damage our teeth by causing stains to it. Smokers are often seen with stained or yellow teeth, and it could also cause bad breath.

4. Don’t forget your fruits and veggies

While they can act as a sweet treat, water dense fruits and veggies such as celery or apples can help your mouth produce more saliva—a natural cleansing agent against bacteria in our mouth. Eating them can also reduce stains or yellow teeth.

5. Consult a dental health professional

Your dentist knows what’s best for your teeth, and may suggest treatments that are suited for you to make your teeth look whiter again, or maintain what you currently have. Dentists are well trained to find teeth whitening procedures appropriate to your dental health and overall medical history, while also protecting you from potential gum irritation and sensitivity. Typically, if you and your dentist agree to do a teeth whitening procedure, it could only last around 45 minutes up to two hours.


Pearly white teeth can boost your confidence around people, but maintaining them is another story as it is a commitment to make. But nowadays, many products and procedures are now available to make your teeth whitening journey easy and accessible.
To maintain your bright smile, you can visit us at Dentaluxe. Contact us now or book an appointment to explore your options. You may also visit our blog for more tips and information on dental care and teeth whitening.



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