Premium Treatment

Our Premium Treatment is conducted in 2 sessions which we allow up to 2 hours to complete and is tailored to leave your teeth up to 2-14 shades lighter post-treatment.

At Dentaluxe we determine the best course of action for your teeth and provide a customised service.


Our team of Technicians are dedicated to keeping your teeth healthy while keeping you comfortable in the convenience of your own environment. Using only premium quality whitening materials provided by uLab Professionals, we can deliver dramatic results whilst protecting your teeth.


Following your initial treatment, we recommend you consider a 6 week top up to ensure you maintain your smile.

Single Pricing: $500

Group Pricing:
2 People or more $400 Each
4 People or more – $300 Each

  • A free mobile service with our treatments
  • Full consultation
  • Complimentary take-home kits
  • Full aftercare procedure
  • Follow up service

Treatment Options