Dentaluxe Teeth Whitening Pen

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    Dentaluxe Teeth Whitening Pen

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    $14.95 $9.95

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    The super-convenient teeth whitening pen allows you to whiten anytime, anywhere!

    Our pens can be used to whiten your teeth any other time that a usual teeth whitening is not convenient. So you can pack in your teeth bleaching pen kit in your luggage, pocket, or purse so that you can easily take your teeth whitening pen anywhere.

    Our teeth whitening pen gel is one of the strongest formulations in the market. It goes deep into the teeth to lighten the internal pigments that stained your teeth. Designed to provide bleaching maintenance after an initial bleaching treatment, our whitening pen is the perfect way to maintain your whiter smile.

    We recommend using it twice a day for up to 20 days or until desired shade has been reached, for most users this can take only 1 week.

    The pen also allows you to whiten individual teeth, for example, if you have one tooth darker than the rest the pen can be used to whiten the tooth to the same shade as surrounding teeth.

    To use the pen, just twist the end to release some gel onto the in-built brush. Brush onto front surface of the teeth. After 15 minutes brush gel off.

    4 reviews for Dentaluxe Teeth Whitening Pen

    1. Lina Tran

      I bring this everywhere I go now

    2. sam

      Pretty good! Thanks!

    3. Jillian

      Ok product

    4. Michelle

      Does anyone know what is in this pen? This company seems to leave out all the info…

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