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Teeth Whitening Myths – Part 1

Teeth Whitening Myths – Part 1

Want a brighter smile? As teeth whitening treatments are getting more and more popular each day and around the world it’s estimated that teeth whitening has tripled in the past year alone. Here are some of the most common misconceptions and myths about teeth whitening:

Teeth whitening ruins your enamel
Clinic studies have proven that small amounts of peroxide (used to whiten teeth) doesn’t damage your enamel, cause irritations and is safe to use. However, just like everything, over-usage can lead to the opposite effects. That’s why it’s important to follow the guidelines that come with every whitening product.

Take home products for home usage are not as good as whitening treatments in a professional studio.
The biggest differences between professional and take home teeth whitening systems are their costs and time before reaching desired shade. Whitening done by professionals are faster and more effective and generally last longer. Take home whitening kits or toothpastes are better suited for aftercare or maintaining your desired shade after you’ve had your teeth whitened by a professional.

No matter which product you use for whitening your teeth, they’ll eventually get back to their natural colour, how fast depends on what you eat or drink and your lifestyle habits eg. smoking. Sometimes it takes just a few weeks, sometimes months or even sometimes years. Choosing to use whitening products will help maintain your whiteness for longer. Life habits and dental hygiene are important to keep your pearly white smile. Genetics also come into play.

There is no difference between teeth whitening products
There are hundreds of products on the market today and each has it’s own ratio of components. Some work faster than others and some are more appropriate for certain types of discoloured teeth. However, there is also a big difference in the procedures; Some include mouth trays and some include whitening pens or strips or even activated charcoal for whitening.

If you’re looking to get those pearly whites we suggest getting your teeth whitened professionally and using teeth whitening products as aftercare to maintain that white smile for longer.

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