What To Expect During A Teeth Whitening Procedure

    What To Expect During A Teeth Whitening Procedure

    So are you getting ready to bleach or whiten your teeth but you’re unsure on what to expect? Well we at Dentaluxe Australia are here to explain to you what to expect when having your teeth bleached or whitened.

    Now depending on what type of treatment you’re going to have, whether it’s our mobile teeth whitening procedure or one of our take home charcoal whitening kits, you definitely need to know what to expect.

    First and foremost you might have some sensitivity with bleaching or whitening due to the fact that, especially if you’ve never bleached or whitened your teeth before, you might be more susceptible to sensitivity. This being because the bleach is actually removing stains and it’s microscopically entering into your dental enamel, so tends to cause sensitivity.

    Another thing to note is that if you bleach your teeth too much you can actually bleach it to a point where it can become translucent on the edges of your tooth. It can give your teeth an almost grey-white translucent type appearance. So you really have to be careful not to bleach your teeth too much.

    Also, after bleaching your teeth you need to expect that you might get, what we call, reoccurring stains. It’s like staining a white T-shirt. Any type of food products you consume eg. coffee, soda, sauces, wine and any type of products that can stain a white T-shirt will most certainly stain your teeth, because your teeth are very porous after you bleach them.

    So expect reoccurring stains, some sensitivity, but remember to address these issues with us so we can suggest over the counter fluoride treatments or over the counter toothpastes.

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