Your Tongue Might Be Causing Bad Breath!

    Your Tongue Might Be Causing Bad Breath!

    Have you ever been approached by someone and immediately smelt something funky? I mean they looked clean, so it couldn’t of been their overall hygiene. They speak again and then it hits you! Halitosis! Aka bad breath, that funky intense smell that sometimes could be mistaken for .. you know.. SH**! The problem with bad breath is that people who have it, normally have no idea that they do, and honestly it could just be their tongue. So here are some effective yet simple ways to check if your tongue is the reason for your bad breath.

    The most effective way to check if you have bad breath is just going straight up to one of your family members and breathing in their face and then asking if you have bad breath. It may seem a little direct but your family members will usually give you an honest answer. Another way of checking if you have bad breath is by licking your wrist, waiting for it to dry and smelling it. I know this method may seem a little basic but if need to know quickly, this might be your only option. Last but not least, the most effective way to find out if you have bad breath is by scraping a spoon on the back of your tongue, leaving it to dry and smelling it. “When in doubt, grab a spoon” The tongue is notorious for building up nasty smells as it is a breading ground for bacteria. This is why this method is so effective.

    Luckily, Bad breath caused by your tongue is an easy fix! While brushing your teeth, remember to keep your tongue clean. This will ensure you remove any bacteria that has built up over time. Another simple method of maintaining a clean tongue is simply gargling mouthwash. Gargling mouthwash enables you to kill bacteria in those hard to reach places near the throat and keeps your mouth feeling fresh. Keep that tongue clean and pursue your day with confidence.

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